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    We bring you a comprehensive business service

    Burford Partners' Business Services Division incorporates various specialities such as taxation, business insurance and accounting into its operations.

    As expert business planners, Burford Partners Business Services division advises on all aspects of good business organisation including planning strategies and mentoring.

    Succession planning

    Business MeetingAt Burford Partners, we understand that planning to make sure that the right people are moving into the right jobs is critical to the success of your business. We are also aware of the business ramifications of an unexpected loss of a key employee.

    Burford Partners will help you in the process of identifying and preparing suitable employees by setting up proper mentoring and training procedures; and we can help you plan for the unexpected by advising on suitable insurance options.

    Purchase and sale of business

    Should you be considering the purchase or sale of a business, it is good business practice and it makes financial sense to discuss this fully with your accountant. Our partners and senior people are always ready to listen to your concerns and assist you with the tax and other implications of this important event. Also, we will offer guidance with the array of decisions that must be made at this critical time.

    Financial management advice

    Sound financial management advice and attention to the business’ cash flow is always crucial on an ongoing basis. At Burford Partners our accountants are always ready to assist with borrowing matters and cash flow strategies.

    Recruitment and termination

    InterviewBurford Partners has experience in assisting clients with the process of sourcing, screening and selecting people for jobs in their businesses. We know that careful planning in this regard is essential to avoid pitfalls down the track. However, termination is often unavoidable. Burford Partners can help you with the various rules and protections relating to employment contracts as well as the termination of an employment relationship.

    Key performance indicators

    Also known as KPI or key success indicators, these are financial and non-financial metrics which assess performance. Properly implemented, KPI will help you define and measure your company’s progress towards its goals. Burford Partners is experienced in implementing KPI frameworks.

    We are also happy to assist your business with employee reward packaging including commission and profit-based remuneration plans.