Tax Tips

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Deferring income

28 May 2014

You may be able to legitimately delay the recognition of income until a subsequent year by holding off issuing invoices until after 30 June. Read More

Government co-contribution

29 May 2014

You may be able to get free money of 50 cents in the dollar in respect of your non-concessional (after tax) contributions - up to a maximum of $500. Read More

Immediate write-offs

24 Feb 2014

If you are an eligible small business, you may be able write-off assets costing less than $1,000 which are used in the business . Read More

Prepaying expenses

23 May 2014

If you pay for expenses up to 12 months in advance, you can bring forward the tax deduction into the year of payment. Read More

Repairs and Maintenance

28 May 2014

If there is any expenditure required to repair investment property or business assets, you may consider effecting those repairs before 1 July. Read More

Superannuation Contributions

29 May 2014

In order for concessional contributions to be deductible this year they must be received by the super fund trustee by 30 June. Read More