Taxation Strategies

Burford Partners provide advice on tax effective strategies for Trusts and Companies. With experience in business operations and ventures we can advise on the most effective business structure and investment vehicle for your purposes.
taxation stratagies

we can help with...

  • Business and personal tax
  • Tax management
  • ATO representations
  • Investments
  • Direct and indirect tax
  • Tax audits
  • Tax planning
About Us

Preparation, lodgement & review of tax returns

Burford Partners is a registered tax agent. We take a personalised approach to preparing tax returns to ensure that you are aware of potential tax deductions and strategies to minimise the tax you pay. We will also prepare your Business Activity Statements and tax returns when they fall due.

Burford Partners is a registered tax agent

Burford Partners is a registered tax agent

Tax management & representations to the ATO

Occasionally our clients require private rulings from the Australian Taxation Office. Burford Partners is experienced in preparing submissions in this regard.

Our taxation management expertise provides us with the tools to plan and manage your tax position and compliance on an ongoing basis.

Tax effective investment strategies

Due to our experience in legal structures and investment vehicles, Burford Partners can advise on various structuring options including for business, property, shares and managed funds.

Burford Partners also offers superannuation fund advice and operation. We will assist you in the most appropriate application of these options for your financial and business goals.

Direct & indirect taxation advice

Whether we are advising on pay-as-you-go income tax, fringe benefit tax, capital gains tax or goods and services tax, the advice that comes from Burford Partners is advice coming from taxation professionals.

General taxation advice

As taxation advisers, Burford Partners has experience in assisting clients with tax audits and reviews, assisting clients in settlement negotiations, conducting compliance reviews and preparing due diligence reports.

We advise on tax planning and structuring, corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions.

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